If you’re serious about archery, then you probably try to find ways to use your bow throughout the entire year. During the offseason of bow hunting, those long months can drag on and watching hunting videos and practicing in the backyard can only get you so far. When opening day finally does roll around, you want to be confident in your shot, which is why participating in a 3-D archery shoot is such a great idea. 3-D archery shoots are not only a blast, but they will also help your shot stay accurate.

Outdoor 3-D archery shoots

Outdoor 3-D archery shoots are one of the funnest and worthwhile activities you can participate in during those offseason months. These shoots will considerably enhance your archery skills and are the closest you will get to actual hunting. 3-D shoots are the perfect way to meet and swap stories with fellow bow hunting enthusiasts or get together with some friends and participate together.  The friendly competition will always make for a good time, and friends can also watch and critique your form so you can make improvements. Since you are able to use the same setup as you would while hunting, you can feel confident that if you hit the 3-D targets, you can hit a real target.

When it comes to shooting 3-D targets, there is a great deal you can learn as a bowhunter. Now thats not to say shooting block targets is a bad thing, but when you are shooting at a life size target you obtain realistic experience you couldn’t get otherwise. When hunting for real, there are numerous situations that could occur, so preparing for all of them is not possible. However, you can prepare for several of these possibilities by shooting at life size targets. Taking those long distance shots at 3-D targets from different angles with real life obstacles in the way will better help you to prepare for real situations.

Total Archery Challenge, T.A.C. is the premiere outdoor sporting event in the United States.  T.A.C. combines the draw of an archery expo with the fun of a non competitive 3D archery shoot. T.A.C.provides individual archers of all skill levels with an unforgettable experience shooting 3D targets at the nations best venues.  By choosing family friendly venues, T.A.C. provides 3D shoots that the whole family can attend and enjoy whether or not they shoot a bow.  This is one event that will test your nerve, challenge your skill and leave you begging for more!!  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our VIP email list to find out when and where as we move forward on this exciting adventure.