You can show up anytime the event is open.  Since this is a non-competitive shoot, you can show up and once you are checked in, pick whatever course you want.

There are three main courses each consisting of 25 targets, Kids 12 target Stationary course, 12 Target Elite Course, 3D Popup and a separate warm up range for kids and adults .  See descriptions below.

The Prime Western Course ranges from 45-100yds with steep up and down angled shots.  We place targets in scenarios that mimic western hunting in the Rockies and Targets are North American big game.

The Exotics course ranges from 25-75 yds with angled shots.  Targets are mixed game of exotics and North American big game.

Locals Course ranges from 15-40 yds of primarily North American Big Game.  This is a great starter course.

Kids/Novice Course has 12 targets out to 20 yds, targets are dinosaurs, zombies, big and small game.

The 3D Popup course is 11 targets that popup at random and only stay up for a few seconds.  The popup is a lot of fun for all ages.

Target Range has 10-15 targets consisting of ranges from 20 yds t0 50 yds or further if venue allows.

Absolutely, You can shoot as many courses as many times as you want while the doors are open.

No, this is not a competitive shoot.  Total Archery Challenge is all about having fun and allowing each person to challenge themselves.  There are some pay to play Competitions like the King of the Mountain or the Smoker Round.

Currently, The Broken Arrow Tour is our only competitive shoot .  If you want to compete in these they are pay to play and the winner takes home the Prize.

No, we encourage novice and beginners to join us at this event.  We have courses set up for all skill levels.

Absolutely,  hopefully you can get them to pick up a bow the next time around.

There is a fee for non shooters and depending on the venue that fee changes.  The fee covers insurance and lift/shuttle fees.

We do have some traditional bows and the new Quest Radical compound bow that your friend can rent while on site for a small fee.  The Radical compound bow can be adjusted to draw length on site, take it to the range and learn to shoot.

This is all about having fun, we are 100% ok if you move in closer.  Be smart about your location and make sure you are always in sight of the marker station to insure safety at all times.  Be respectful of others at the same time.

This varies greatly venue to venue.  Hiking is required at each venue but the terrain will vary.  The 3d Popup, Kids/Novice range and warmup range are typically accessible.  Please contact us regarding the specific location you are interested in.

Absolutely, we love our partners and we would love to have you join us.  Send us an email info@totalarcherychallenge and we will contact you.

1 day or all 3 days, you will enjoy your time at Total Archery Challenge.  It is definitely worth coming out, even for one day.

You can register when you show up but if you register online before the price jump,  you save money, get a free T-shirt and are put in for a brand new PRIME or Quest bow of your choice (excludes target bows).  If you register before the event at any time you are put in for the Prime or Quest bow.

Go to our Events page and click on the event you are interested in. This info is only available to those events that are currently showing dates and venues.

This event is for everyone, hunter or non hunter, we want you there.

We use primarily Rinehart Targets.

Yes, there is instruction available and bows available to rent while you learn.  Please contact us to ask about the specific event you are interested in.  Contact us at

Yes, there are some limitations, you may NOT use broadheads at anytime!  Crossbows are allowed for those who are unable to use compound or Traditional bows.  You may NOT use a crossbow on any of the Novelty shots, 3D Popup or competitions.

Yes, you can use a rangefinder on any part of the shoot whether competing in King of the Mountain, the Smoker Round or just shooting for fun.