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    3D Popup challenge

    Secure Bow Check Station

    Prize drawings for all participants

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    100+ 3D Targets

    3D Popup challenge

    Tons of Prizes

    Shooting for all skill levels

    Fun for the whole family


Total Archery Challenge is bringing you a 3D archery shoot like no other!

Total Archery Challenge, T.A.C. is the premiere outdoor sporting event in the United States.  T.A.C. combines the draw of an archery expo with the fun of a non competitive 3D archery shoots. T.A.C.provides individual archers of all skill levels with an unforgettable experience shooting 3D targets at the nations best venues.  By choosing family friendly venues, T.A.C. provides 3D shoots that the whole family can attend and enjoy whether or not they shoot a bow.  This is one event that will test your nerve, challenge your skill and leave you begging for more!!  Like us on Facebook and sign up for our VIP email list to find out when and where as we move forward on this exciting adventure.